Felt F1 PR


A high performance road bike until it needs to be something else.

Just because the road ends doesn’t mean your ride should. Constructed from Felt Race Road UHC Ultimate + Nano carbon fiber using DMC with InsideOut construction, the F1 PR is gravel ready. The F1 PR geometry, with its longer wheelbase and lower bottom bracket, is tuned for the uneven terrain and still agile for the road. The 11-speed Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra drivetrain will have you clicking through the gears without hesitation, whether it’s on the dirt or tarmac.

One bike with so many uses.  With room for 32mm wide tires you can explore all the dirt, gravel, and trails you want.  Switch back to some fast 25mm race tires and hit your favorite roads and watch the PRs drop.

At Jinji Cycles we took the PR frame and outfitted it with Shimano Ultegra Di2, a Fizik cockpit, and Shimano Dura Ace tubeless wheels.  Enve 3.4 optional.  At 16.5lbs with Dura Ace pedals you’d be hard pressed to find a road bike so well equipped nor a gravel bike with such performance.  The PR is ready for everything.

54cm Bike is available for demo for $100.


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