Custom Felt Virtue

Jul 08

Michelle came to us as a hesitant mountain biker.  Coming from and old and used mountain bike she told us that she wasn’t having a very good time.  Climbing was hard and descending a little sketchy.  She needed something light, very efficient, and confident.  She also didn’t want to have to worry too much about what to do with all of the suspension features.  Simple and reliable were key.  Immediately we thought the Felt Virtue on 26 inch wheels would be perfect.   At 130mm of travel we knew it would improve overall bike handling and Felt’s Equilink suspension is hands down one of the most efficient systems on the market.  We fit the bike with SRAM’s amazing XX1 group including brakes, some bomber parts from Thomson and WTB, Continental tires, and No Tubes wheels.  At 24lbs, this bike turned out perfectly.  After just one ride she told us the bike was so easy to ride both up hill and down.  It’s everything it needed to be for her.  We absolutely love nailing a custom build.20140510_15561620140510_155557  20140510_155551 20140510_155543 20140510_155526