Jan 03

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed 101

In this class we will teach you how to bleed your own brakes.

This class is $5o and includes:

  • Checking current brake pad wear.
  • Flushing the line with new DOT or Mineral Oil depending on what brake system you have.
  • Removing air from the caliper, line, and master cylinder.
  • Replacing worn pads if needed. You will receive 15% off parts you need.
  • Adjusting your lever position and reach to make your braking as efficient as possible.

You will be doing all the work yourself with direction from one of our best mechanics.  The cost of the class includes your own work stand, the fluids and tools needed to complete the project, and a beer.


Here is the Link to sign up: https://jinjicycles.rainadmin.com/module/class.htm?classId=234070