Apr 20

Spring Fling April 20th

We’re having a party on 4/20 but not a 4/20 party

THIS FRIDAY April 20th
Didn’t you just have a party?
We had happy hour. That happens every Friday from 4-6. That’s different.
This is our annual SPRING PARTY where we shut down the work and hang out with all our customers  and give them discounts on stuff they might want. That’s kind of it.


This year is a little different. We’re adding in some free informational and tutorial sessions at the beginning to help make it more interesting to everyone. Because we want everyone to come.


Jefferson County E-bike discussion
(a representative from Jefferson County will be here to explain and clarify the rules and positions on e-bikes in Jefferson County)


Bicycle Stop As Yield Law
Brian Weiss from Bike Law will hold a discussion on the proposed law to allow bicycles to treat stop signs as yield and stop lights as stop signs. Brian has testified before the State of Colorado regarding this issue and is one of the most knowledgeable and informed on the subject. If you’re unsure about the law or need more education on it then you should come and listen and ask questions.


1X Drivetrains: should I convert? and how?
Jinji Crew will hold an information session on 1x drivetrains, particularly as related to mountain bikes. Will discuss history, cause, benefits, drawbacks and what it takes to convert your system is you’re curious.

Cush Core
Huh? Exactly.

and finally
Soapbox will give you the chance to rant for 90 seconds uninterrupted about whatever bike related subject you want.
wheels size, standards, e-bikes, enduro, xc, road, tire brands. WHATEVER

So join us. Hang out. Have fun. Get woke. And above all else: PARTY.