Holiday Musing

Nov 18

The Holidays are upon us. You can already feel the pressure, the stress, the worry, the sense of impending doom. It’s all for good reason too. You already have dinners planned with people you don’t like. You’re going to at least one party where you don’t know anybody. You probably are going to get the wrong gift for at least 63% of people. You are going to pay for plane tickets to places you don’t want to go back to. And to top it all off, instead of getting what you asked for, you’re getting something that somebody made from Pinterest. But hey, you get to spend the next 6 weeks acting like you love all of it.

Except. You’re a cyclist. Which means so much more.

You get to go on pre-turkey coma bike rides. Or food-baby bike rides. Take your pick. You get to burn off countless calories of fudge and fruitcake on a stationary trainer, which is still somehow better that actual fruitcake. The same locations you’ve been riding all year, you can now enjoy with a layer of snow and frost. You can still watch the sun rise or set from your handlebars. You can test your limits on what conditions you’ll ride in. You can take those random gorgeous, warm days we always get and soak them up. You get to smile as your co-workers complain about how hard it is to stay in shape over the holidays, smile as you put your shoe covers on to head home. Yeah, it’s dark, but you’re still on bike. You also have cyclist friends and family. That means you get to go to bike shops and shop online for bike stuff and shoot, stuff is on closeout so yeah, buy those tires you won’t need for 8 months. What? Someone else got YOU bike stuff for the holidays? This just keeps getting better. The holidays are awesome.

Excuse me, I’m going for a bike ride. Then, I’m going to eat 2/3 of some pumpkin-almond-fudgy-pepperminty thing that someone gave me. Maybe I’ll dip it in my hot chocolate recovery drink and think about what to buy my cyclist friends. Perhaps things like this

· Bike fits (‘cuz you want your loved ones to be happy)

· Bike tunes (‘cuz you want your loved one’s bikes to be happy)

· Really good cold weather gear (‘cuz you’re a pusher)

· High fives from Jinji (on sale NOW)

· Tools

· Bike repair stands

· New saddles (‘cuz people don’t buy them when they should, so help them out)

· Bulk boxes of beef jerky

· Bells (just buy everyone a bell; hand ‘em out like candy)

· Lights (again, you’re a pusher. Take away their excuses)

· Stationary trainers (‘cuz you don’t like some people)

· Bike events (yeah, register someone for a bike event they’d never do on their own. Then do it with them. )

Now that’s a good pile of holiday joy right there.