Just Mechanics?

Aug 12

Why does Jinji Cycles only hire mechanics?

Bike mechanics know more about how bikes work

Bike mechanics know more stuff about more kinds of bikes

Bike mechanics have more experiential knowledge about the differences in components

Bike mechanics have seen how bikes break

Bike mechanics have seen how parts break and wear

Bike mechanics know about old bikes, new bikes and everything in between

Bike mechanics are resourceful and pretty good at solving problems.

You see, at Jinji Cycles we want to make your life better by making your cycling experience better.  Sometimes that means knowing when to change your chain or cables or bearings. Sometimes it means helping you evaluate your next bike purchase beyond reading magazine and internet articles. Whatever it is, we believe that all the experience that a bike mechanic gains will help you get the most out of whatever cycling activity you choose to participate in.  If experience means anything, we’ve got piles of it.