Mountain Bike Rentals and Demos are Here

Dec 05

We have invested more heavily in mountain bike rentals and demos for 2017.  Come see what’s new and hot or just use a better bike for a day or two.

$85 Carbon Mountain Bike

$65 Aluminum Mountain Bike

$55 Fat Bike

We have

Felt Decree  140/150mm travel trail bike. The most “all-rounder” in our fleet in our opinion. Is it a downhill XC bike or and XC downhill bike? We can’t tell.



Felt Compulsion  160/160mm travel alloy enduro bike. A price point heavy hitter that’s not heavy. Sub 30lb 160mm travel all mountain bike. Hands down one of the best pedaling long travel bikes we’ve ever been on. Increase your DH capabilities while losing nothing uphill.



Scott Genius LT Plus  160/160mm travel 27.5+  If you can buy technical riding ability, then this is how you do it. Everyone who rides one says pretty much the same thing: this bike makes you believe you’re a better rider than you are. You decide if that’s good or bad. Definitely an easy way to put a smile on your face

Genius LT 710 Plus

Scott Spark Plus 120/130mm travel 27.5+.  If the LT appears to be a bit too much then the Spark 27.5+ may just be the ticket to letting you do more than you thought you could. Tons of grip for climbing and smooth, relaxed descending. You’ll clear more techy stuff than you ever have.

scott spark plus 720

Felt DD30  Fat bike. We have all 3 sizes of the Felt’s budget friendly fat bike for rental. When the snow falls and you just need to get out we got you covered.  How much you can handle the cold is up to you.

Felt DD