Take one of our winter classes!

Dec 27

Through the month of January we will be holding weekly classes on the a few of the basics that YOU want to know how to do in your garage.

On Wednesdays we will be holding our Hydraulic Brake Bleeding class.  You will bring your bike in and we will show you how to; check your pads, bleed your brake system, and how to adjust your brake so it does not rub and it’s set up just right for your hand. This class is $50 which is the same cost as if we were to bleed your brakes.  There are only 4 spots available each session! Call in to get your name on the list.


Thursdays is when we will be doing our Suspension Fork Service class.  Once again you will be working on your own stuff, so bring in your fork or whole bike and we will show you how to; take off the lowers, remove old seals, remove old dirty oil, look for wear, and reassemble as well as set up the setting for a buttery smooth ride. This class cost the same as our fork service fee ($105) and there are only 4 spots open per session so get going and give us a call.