Why Scott Spark 650b series might be the best Front Range bike

Jul 18

The Scott Spark 650b series just might be the best Front Range bike.  Here’s why!

Front Range Trails are steep:  With its exclusive Twin Loc suspension control system able to switch both fork and shock from open, trail, to climb, the Scott Spark will rip up our steep trails better than most xc race bikes but then rip them downhill as good as many longer travel trail bikes. It’s 27.5 inch wheels keep the bike light for those brutal climbs but that added size gives you that little bit more advantage for rolling the rocky stuff.


Front Range Trails are rocky:  no Front Range range trail is made of only soft dirt.  We’ve got a lot of rocks, sometimes it seems like that’s all there is.  120mm of on-the-fly adjustable suspension gives you control over just how much suspension activity you want for our varying but guranteed-to-be-rocky conditions.  27.5 inch wheels give you more rolling advantage than 26″ without the weight or acceleration penalties of 29″


Front Range Trails are not all the same:  from Dakota Ridge to Three Sisters, from Falcon to The Cone, we’ve got a wide range of trails within spittin’ distance of town.  The Scott Spark 7 series offers such versatility you’ll start to believe you only need one bike (but who believes that REALLY?)

Front Range Trails are full of really great bike riders:  we say it all the time to mountain bikers who just moved into the area and they’re shocked at how hard it is for them to keep up on the trails: “welcome to Colorado.”  You need every advantage possible for riding in Colorado.  The Scott Spark 7 series gives you a really light bike for the money, offers category leading suspension efficiency and control, and always provides excellent value in the parts package to help you have the most fun and perform your best. The downside is you won’t be able to blame the Scott Spark on a bad day but that’s okay, you’ll look at your bike and be super stoked  you own such a rad ride.

There’s bike racin to be had here: if your looking for one bike to serve as your all around fun machine but you have the tendency to do a couple XC races a year, the Spark may just be the most perfect bike to mix it up.

spark 740