Women’s Bike Night

Oct 27

Women’s bike party night on November 7th.

We’re having an end of season party to celebrate the women who choose cycling to express their particular form of radness.

Join Jinji Cycles and the Rude Girls for a night of food and drink and games and stories and prizes and bikes and dragon slayings and space ship races and bank robberies. Ok, maybe not ALL of those things but who knows what we can accomplish in one night.  We want to have a fun night of hanging out with friends and making new ones. Let’s talk about bikes and bike rides. Adventures. Successes and accomplishments.  Happiness and smiles on bikes.  And bike friends.

You see bike riding is a disease.  One that we need to spread feverishly. We will spread it by promoting the fun and joy that riding bikes is.  That’s why we’re having a party and that’s why we’re inviting any woman who rides or  has ever thought about riding.

So if you’re a woman who likes bikes or fun or fun people then this is perfect for you.

We hope to see you there.  You’ll want to be there; it’s the one bike party everyone is already talking about.

Friday November 7th.

2538 W 32nd Ave Denver

start arriving at 6:30