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Only What You Need

  • Different Thinking

    We take a little different approach to our service pricing. Born out our guiding principles we’ve tried to come up with the most fair and honest way of providing the best working bike possible.  We want to return to you a bike you love to ride.  We would love to do all the things to all the bikes, but neither of us can afford that so we try our best to quote your repair relative to your bike and your budget.  All we ask is that you give us the chance to do work we’re proud of.

  • Not all bikes require the same service

    A “tune-up” is simply a list of services that a bike may need and does not necessarily reflect the needs of your bike.  A full suspension mountain bike and a road bike are vastly different machines and will consequently require different services.  Additionally, different riders of similar bikes will have different needs.  Some riders are very hard on wheels while others are tough on their bearings and cables.  A flat hourly rate allows us to treat each bike individually and specifically address the needs of that bike.

  • You should get what you pay for

    Consider the traditional $100ish tune-up.  You will receive a drive train clean, wheel truing, hub adjustment, frame cleaning, and full brake and shift adjustments.  What if, in your case, your drive train is very dirty but your hubs are well adjusted and wheels true?  With the tune-up package you pay for those services even if they are ultimately unnecessary.  At Jinji Cycles we believe you should only pay for those services specifically performed on your bike and not a list of services your bike may have needed.

  • We seek to eliminate "Stacked Charges"

    Let’s think about your bike’s tune-up again.  Let’s say you bring it in for a tune and you are sold the usual $100ish tune because the $150+ overhaul is just too much and the service writer has a hard time”selling” it.  What if, in the process of the tune, the mechanic notices that your hub bearings are in poor condition?  In this case, he is going to ask for another $20-30 per wheel to service those bearings.  If you need a cable replaced, you may see an additional $5-10 tacked on for the cable replacement labor.  With a flat hourly rate, we are able to work on what your bike needs and not have to constantly call  you to add on more charges.

  • Freedom to find what needs work

    The rigidity of a tune-up structure can often prevent a mechanic from finding the things that a bike may actually need.  If a mechanic is only concerned with accomplishing the parameters of the tune, then he will be prone to missing some problems that may fall outside of those parameters, or, unfortunately, he may see the problem but let it go for the sake of finishing the tune.  Our hourly rate gives us the freedom to fully investigate the bike and find any potential problems and fix them.  Your bike should not leave Jinji Cycles without any possible problem having been discovered and repaired.

  • Due Responsibility

    At Jinji Cycles, we do not believe that it is necessarily the bicycle owner’s responsibility to know what service his or her bike may need.  As bicycle professionals, we assume the responsibility of those services.  While a tune-up may make your bike operational we realize that there may be other work necessary to the prolonged longevity of your bike and we will take full responsibility for that work, ensuring that your bike will be at its absolute best for as long as you choose.

    The bottom line for our pricing structure is simple:  you receive and pay for the service your bike needs.

    Your bike should never leave Jinji Cycles unfinished and no one should be able to improve on our work.

Bench Rate

$70per hour

Service Pricing

Great Deals!

  • Option 1


    An hour usually gives us time to cover the basics of cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment without removing the parts, but we may be able to service some inner parts if these things are pretty good already.

  • Option 3


    Two hours is reserved for the most detailed work. This gives us time to additionally remove most parts, inspect bearings, service freehubs, and add in services like brake bleeds and fork work