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Professional Bicycle Service

  • Mechanic Driven

    Jinji Cycle was created by bike mechanics to provide professional bicycle services to all riders.  Our service department exists to produce the best bicycle service possible at the most reasonable and fair price. While we would love to do every piece of service on every bike because that would make really awesome bikes, we realize not everyone wants to pay for all that and honestly, not every bike needs all that. That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience and broken down the most common service matters into a few easy to understand options.  Most everything else gets charged at our regular $70/hr rate.

    We simply want to return to you a bike you will love to ride and one that we are proud to sign our name to.

  • $90 Simple Service



    • Pro bike wash including frame and wheel cleaning and drivetrain cleaned on the bike
    • Shifting adjusted correctly
    • Brakes adjusted correctly
    • All appropriate moving points lubricated
    • Cables lubricated where possible
    • Full “safety check” to secure all necessary bolts to their normal torque range

    The basic goal of the $70 Simple Service is get the bike looking and running like new as much as possible with no dis-assembly

    What it’s suggested for

    • Newer bikes that were built well but have less than a year of riding on them
    • Bikes that have already received a more involved tune this year.
    • Bikes that have been in storage for a while but were in good order before they got stored away
    • Bikes used less than 4 times a month during normal season

  • $120 Complete Service


    Our Complete service includes everything in the simple service PLUS

    • Full wheel truing and basic tension service
    • Complete bearing adjustment where applicable
    • Rear derailleur jockey wheel service where applicable
    • Extra high five

    What it’s suggested for

    • Your basic “once a year” bigger service
    • Bikes that haven’t seen a mechanic for a couple years
    • Bikes that have recently been purchased used
    • Bikes seeing about 1-2 rides a week during the normal season
    • Bikes being shipped to you or us for assembly

  • $210 Comprehensive



    • Everything you get on the Complete Service (even the high five)
    • Complete hub bearing service (suggested annually to every 2 years; remember your bearings are what make you roll. Take care of them) We take a lot of pride in our bearing service, replacing bearings where necessary and improving where we can
    • Complete wheel tension equalization including spoke thread treatment (important to ensuring long wheel life or finding out just how bad they are)
    • This gets the bike the cleanest and in most perfect running order possible

    What it’s suggested for

    • Bikes ridden more than 10 times a month
    • When you just don’t know if anyone has looked at those bearings
    • Those wanting the absolute best bike performance possible

  • Other Things we charge money for



    Fork Service Lowers only $70

    Fork Service with full damper $140

    Wheel Build $70

    Bar Tape Install $15

    Cable Install $15 (sometimes more for internal routing)

    Tube Install $10


  • Bike Fitting



    Our number one goal is get your bike running perfectly and YOU are part of that equation. A excellent bike fit is the natural compliment to your well tuned machine. We are continually adding to our bike fitting to provide you the best and most reasonable fit without overcharging you for gimmicks. Our fitters have years of experience and training and no fancy fitting gizmos are adequate replacements for the expertise they offer.

    $50 Simple Fit


    $90 Complete Fit

    • includes 15% off any of the following
    • Stem
    • Saddle
    • Handlebar
    • Bar Tape
    • Cables/housing

  • Mountain Bike Rental and Demo

    We endeavor to keep a wide range of up to date mountain bikes in for demo and rental.

    We have regular mid travel trail bikes, long travel enduro oriented bikes, 27.5+ bikes in multiple travels, optional 29ers, and fat bikes.

    24 hour period rates

    $85  carbon mountain bike

    $65 alloy mountain bike

    $55 fat bike

    come try what’s great and new or just use one of these dream machines for a day or two.

Bench Rate

$70per hour

Service Pricing

Great Deals!

  • Option 1


    An hour usually gives us time to cover the basics of cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment without removing the parts.

  • Option 3


    Two hours is reserved for the most detailed work. This gives us time to additionally remove most parts, inspect bearings, service freehubs, and add in services like brake bleeds and fork work